Ahem.  Good afternoon, my loyal legions of lovely readers, who may or may not actually exist outside of my imagination!  Perhaps you might recall that eons ago, I stated that my next post would contain a treasure trove of information detailing how that wacky “Psycutlery” game came to be.  Uh, I did state that, right?  Or was that a figment of my imagination as well?!

The point I am getting at is that I had this detailed post planned in my head… only for a kind fellow by the name of CM30 to come along and ask me and Jon the music/marketing guy for an interview.  And all of a sudden, those vast details I was about to impart to this very location had all but spilled out onto CM30’s up and coming game journalism website, Gaming Reinvented.  What I am saying is, check ’em out!

Eyes in Everything interviewed at Gaming Reinvented!

Give that link a click!

In the interview, we discuss many things about Eyes in Everything and Psycutlery… like how it originally began as a sort of Yoshi spoof, and how its protagonist, Lillian the Alien, was essentially Yoshi at first; and how the unicorn that she rides, Darkles, was also essentially Yoshi at first, and how grand it would be if Yoshi could ride a Yoshi.

You’ll also get a glimpse at my first website that I made almost two decades ago.  Scary.